First Contact

Renovating and building is a personal process. It’s not just blueprints and construction. We take the time to get to know you, your needs…even your wishes. Learning more about the spaces, the use and the desired outcome can help us to guide you towards the ideal build. Our process will allow you to be a part of the entire design build process and be assured that your decisions are exactly what you want.


This is where the design groundwork is laid and your project program is developed. We have started to explore your architectectural “language” or style, your required spaces, any special needs, room adjacents and most importantly the “wish list”. Now we put it on paper, talk it through and review any existing conditions, do a site analysis, look at permitting parameters and other considerations.


When pencil hits paper so to speak, where design ideas start forming dimension. The first set of schematic designs will be presented utilizing all the pre-design discussions. These schematics incorporate the original design ideas, include proposed materials, project parameters and the beginning budget. The ongoing decision making process will cause flucuations to the design directly correlating to the budget. This “live” relation between design and budget is constantly updated, making the development of the project transparent and honest.

This phase allows us to explore the three dimensional relationship between spaces and determine project orientation, room layouts, roof lines, windows, doors etc. At this stage of design, we also consider the more finite decisions with long lead times like;

  • Windows & doors

  • HVAC and electrical options

  • Flooring options

  • Kitchen and bath cabinet options

  • Appliance needs

Decisions will be come at you left and right as we move through the design structure with you and we will guide you through them all. Design build is you and us, creating the best version of what you want.

Drawing Table

At this point, design is about 95% finished. We finalize layouts, elevations and any remaining requirements and produce a complete set of construction documents. Budget will be changed to reflect the ongoing changes from the original design ideas. Construction can commence and your new build, addtion or renovation is one step away from reality.

Roll Out

This is the fun part. When you get to watch our crew build your design. The crew works efficiently and thoughtfully to minimize stress and impact on your day to day.
”It was like watching a dance the way the crews seamlessly work their parts of our project around the timing of all the other parts.” Our clients consistently praise our crew for their consideration and their quality of work. It’s important when sharing your space with contractors that you trust that they are working for you. We show you a better way to experience construction.