Who is SDB?

Our Team Testimonials

In 2007, Sweeney DesignBuild was established, bringing together a team of highly experienced and skilled carpenters and craftspeople who apply a practical point of view and a caring work ethic to the building and renovation process.

SDB takes an enlightened approach to renovating and building. From the onset of the design process, we address the client's wishes & needs equally with their budget. When designers think like builders and builders think like designers, costing is taken into account early on in the process and the client’s intent is valuable input throughout the entire design build period. Our communication with the client is an open book, we provide regular progress/budget presentations and we tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. At the end of our design process, the client has made hard decisions, chosen 95% of the materials and the budget reflects the progress to date. 

When construction begins, there is little to do for you but sit back and watch the build. Our team is updating you and keeping the communication open and stress free. There are no surprises, decisions are made efficiently and the clients have been involved every step of the way. It is a better way of experiencing construction. Most importantly, the job has been completed on time, on budget and the finished product consistently exceeds expectations.

Sweeney DesignBuild has the best model to ensure a seamless realization of your design dreams.