In 2007, Sweeney DesignBuild was founded/begun/established bringing together a team of highly experienced and skilled carpenters and craftspeople who apply a practical point of view and a caring work ethic to the building and renovation process.

Sweeney DesignBuild takes an enlightened approach to renovating and building. From the onset of the design process, we address the client's wishes & needs equally with their budget. When designers think like builders and builders think like designers, costing is taken into account early on in the process and the client’s intent is valuable input throughout the entire design/build period. Our communication with the client is an open book, we provide regular progress/budget presentations and we tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. At the end of our design process, the client has made all of the hard decisions, chosen 95% of the materials and the budget reflects the progress to date. 

When construction begins, there is little to do for you but sit back and watch the build. Our team is updating you and keeping the communication open and stress free. There are no surprises, clients have been involved every step of the way and the decision making has been easy and relaxed. A better way of experiencing construction. Most importantly, the job has been completed on time, on budget and the finished product consistently exceeds expectations.

Sweeney DesignBuild has the best model to ensure a seamless realization of your design dreams. 



“All we can say is: fabulous… three times! Usually at the end of a build project you say “Next time we’ll do it differently or with another builder”. Not with Shawn and his quality team. They have designed and built three projects for us. Design, new construction or remodeling, they do it all. We started the process with a spatial lifestyle design and several meetings later had a plan that worked for us. We were delighted every time.”

R.H. & S.H.

"Unique. Awesome. Perfect. Sophisticated. Gorgeous. Well-designed. Superb partnership. Terrific team of professionals. Fun. Lots of laughter. Inventive. Elegant. Outstanding design. Spot on execution. Deft redirects. Collaborative spirit. Timeless beauty. Balanced spirit of honoring old bones with new construction. Boundless appreciation of you and your team. Over-the-top delivery of my dreams. Over the moon appreciation."


"Thank you and your whole crew for the wonderful new home! It has been delightful getting to know all of you, and we are very happy with how everything turned out!"

 S.U. & S.U.

"Thank you so much for your amazing support and donation to help us build the new playground at Shelburne Beach. I can honestly say we couldn’t have done it without you and your wonderful crew! You really stepped up to the plate and helped bring this project to a successful finish. Thanks again for all you do!"


"Always a pleasure working with you. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to boost your business."


"I'm working from home a lot now that the semester is over. My office is upstairs on the South side of the house so I'm a bit removed from the action, but I wanted to say how awesome and kind of sweet it is to hear people laughing from time to time while they're working, even with all the rain we've been having which, to me, seems like it would make things miserable out there. You really have talented and remarkable guys on the team, and I'm very happy they're the one building our addition."


"What an absolute gift to be able to work with you and your team. I see my dream house coming true and I am so appreciative of our wonderful collaboration!"


"We are so pleased with the results of our kitchen and master bath renovation. They are now spaces that are not only beautiful but suit out lifestyle better. A sincere thank you for your expert design assistance. I enjoyed working with you through the design build process. To me, this really is the best model to ensure a seamless realization of the design. Your team was excellent to work with and are an extension of SDB’s philosophy of giving the client what they want."


"Thank you so much for all your work toward our project. Your vision for the spaces exceeded our expectations and the result, now that it's done, have astounded us! We are thrilled at how it’s turned out. Thank you for everything!"

J.E. & M.E.

"Our call for help was again answered by a fabulous work crew donated by Shawn Sweeney, owner of Sweeney Designbuild and a number of hardworking volunteers"

Shelburne Parks and Recreation Department