Process Page Phase One.jpg


This phase is our first encounter with one another. We will go over the scope of work and overall feasibility of the project. Furthermore, we discuss budget numbers and schedule goals as they are related to your new build or renovation.



This is when the design groundwork is laid and we develop a program for your project. We will discuss your architectural “language” or “style”, required rooms, specific special needs, room adjacencies, and most importantly your wish list. We take a look into existing conditions, site analysis, and review permitting constraints.

Process Page Phase Three.jpg


Where pencil hits paper, where design ideas come to fruition. We produce the first set of schematic design ideas, taking into consideration the material discussed in previous phases. These ideas combine the project’s wants and needs with the allowable budget. This relationship is updated throughout the entire design process, making it a smooth and honest way to design.

Process Page Phase Four.jpg


In this phase we start to play with massing of the project. This gives us an opportunity to explore three-dimensional relationships between spaces and helps determine project orientation, roof lines, window/door locations, etc. At this stage of design we also consider:

  • HVAC and electrical options

  • Material preferences

  • Insulation details

  • Narrowing down room layout and dimensions

  • Potential structural issues

  • Solidifying window sizes and layout

  • Kitchen and bath cabinet options

  • Appliance needs

Process Page Phase Five.jpg


At this point the design is about 80% finished. We finalize layout, elevations, and any remaining requirements.  We will then produce a complete set of construction documents, and update the budget to reflect any change in design. At the end of this phase we will be ready for construction and your new build, addition, or renovation is closer to reality!